Here She Grows

Who can remember which breast to start on when you're exhausted?? Not I! That's why I ordered this custom bracelet from my good friend Amanda Harer who is a designer for Keep Collective!

Contact Amanda Harer at instagram handle  @ah.mazingdesigns  to get one for yourself!

Contact Amanda Harer at instagram handle @ah.mazingdesigns to get one for yourself!

A Labor of Love

All the feels right now...sometimes breastfeeding is such a pain in the ass, sometimes I love it so much. Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s harder, but the road to getting to a successful place with it is motivation to keep going as long as I can. I have a love/hate relationship with continuing to share my body with this little munchkin but I always love being able to soothe her best. I adore her and it seems like the feeling is mutual, and I hope we have this bond forever.

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Brewer's Yeast

I can honestly say Brewer's Yeast definitely helps to increase milk production. This is that special ingredient that makes lactation cookies work. I have every intention of baking Lactation cookies or even making a smoothie so I can get those 2 tbls Of brewers yeast in, but I usually fail miserably (I don't have time for that)...What I have figured out is that I can disguise it in other foods a lot quicker. My fav is a bowl of apple sauce, and a big dollup of almond butter! Delish and good for milk production.

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New Friends: The Santa Barbara Birth Center

Back in December I was at a local tapas restaurant and overheard a large group of ladies talking about breasts and birth. I knew I had finally found people from my tribe in Santa Barbara. I introduced myself saying that I couldn't help but overhear what they were talking about. At first they looked concerned that I may have been offended by their discussions until I told them I was a Lactation Consultant. They laughed relieved and told me that they were from the Santa Barbara Birth Center. They were so sweet and kind and encouraged me to drop off some business cards... forward 3 months when I was invited there to present to a group of new doulas about initiating breastfeeding right after delivery and what to expect within the first 24 hours of life. 

I had such a great time getting to know these ladies and sharing my knowledge. I am truly looking forward to more collaboration in the future!!

Getting Started

Taking the plunge and starting your own business in a field where you have been working for others for your entire career is daunting. Branching off on my own has been a goal of mine for a while and now I finally have the opportunity to do it in a new town; a new environment that is much different than the hustle and bustle of the metropolis that is Los Angeles.  

I must admit that I am looking forward to the slower pace of a beach town yet lately, I look in the mirror and see the same look on my face as I see on so many of my client's during that first breastfeeding consult post-delivery. It is the look of a mind swimming with new information, fear of the unknown, and a drive to succeed and meet new goals. 

What I always say to my clients is that learning to breastfeed is hard, just like learning any other skill it comes with challenges, takes time, repetition, practice, patience, and strength of self. It is unrealistic to assume you will be good at something new right away.

I plan on taking my own advice and honestly, the good news is I know I have built an excellent foundation for achieving dreams and changing lives. I have had incredible mentors, and a wealth of success thus far and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Most importantly, I LOVE what I do. Helping mothers and babies build and establish their foundations is a joy that I am addicted to and luckily get to bask in every day. 

SB, I am coming' for you! and to you SB county mamas, I am SO excited to help you build a strong foundation for your family through infant feeding support, and newborn care.