In-home Lactation Consult

Typically around 90 minutes, an in-home consult includes a test weigh with a clinical-grade infant scale for an accurate evaluation of how efficient your baby is drinking milk during nursing as well as basic positioning and latch support. We will review your medical history, listen to your infant feeding concerns, and discuss your breastfeeding and personal health goals. You will be helped and guided through a full feeding session and be able to address any issues that you are experiencing. Your baby will be weighed on the infant scale before and after nursing. This will allow you to learn exactly how much milk your baby is able to transfer from the breast during breastfeeding. Taking all of these factors into consideration, a tailored plan of care will be provided for you to meet your feeding goals. Please feel free to ask questions regarding pumping, positioning, supplementation, formula, baby care basics, etc. After your consult, you have the option of purchasing a text support package for quick follow up questions on a weekly basis. 

Get help/guidance with the following topics and much more!

  • Exclusive breastfeeding
  • Pumping and milk storage
  • Low milk supply concerns
  • Herbal supplements to support milk production
  • Safety of maternal medications in breastmilk
  • Formula feeding options
  • Donor milk and milk banks
  • Inducing lactation
  • Overactive milk ejection reflex
  • Monitoring infant weight gain
  • Weaning to bottles and sippy cups
  • Introducing solid foods
  • Sore nipples and breast pain
  • Post-delivery pain or discomfort
  • Weepiness and exhaustion
  • Bonding
  • The art & science of transitioning into motherhood

Pre-natal Lactation Consult


Learning to breastfeed can be one of the scariest parts of the newness of being a mom. If it's your first time it can feel like a big overwhelming mystery. If you're not a first time mom, but struggled with breastfeeding in the past, the thought of trying again can invoke very real feelings of stress and anxiety. With a pre-natal consult, you can take a step back, formulate a plan and put your mind at ease knowing that you have someone in your corner for support before day one!

Available in home or on Skype for your convenience

A pre-natal consult will include:

  • Evaluation of risk factors based on your medical and, if applicable, breastfeeding history
  • Evaluation of overall breast and nipple health
  • A plan of care tailored specifically to you to help you get breastfeeding off to a great start after delivery
  • Confidence in your breastfeeding goals, and with any luck, peace of mind!

Pre-natal Breastfeeding Basics Class

This 2 hour in-home class can be shared by up to three couples and will include education on breastfeeding basics, what to expect in the hospital and during your transition to home, normal newborn feeding behavior and management, signs breastfeeding is going well, infant feeding frequency and cues, breastmilk supply and management, pumping and returning to work, and hands-on practice of positioning techniques.